Envy; Refining You

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Dear NochThe look in the eyes, the thought of the heart, the odd memories of the misinterpretation of what has been done, the lies the heart told and how the brain treat itself with the influence of what has been the foundation of the heart or what is now forming the new foundation of the shitty ideas that the heart now nurture, the laziness of facing the real truth but prefers to dwell in the dark shade of what usually is not true but appears real because that’s the truth the heart want to believe now, even though the heart want what it wants, you are the final say and it’s meant to be the real truth every time, so envy.

Cold heart full of odd lines of lies, though attractive like it’s real, the façade of what the heart now adopt as the truth that guides the greed of the mind and soon the real truth fades and destruction gradually comes in view, through time the memories will be there forever in the truth because we determine our truth and our truth always shape our mind and confidence and the act we play.

There is a repulsiveness, 
there is a strange pain, 
to kill, to own, to grow hate
like hate is its own 
gnarled tree of life; 
If the earth gives in, soil and flesh, my
evil green eyes will demand for red, just for jealousy . 
His rose is not made to bear 
The violet blue, nor lily fair, 
Nor the sweet mignonette: 
Yet interdict my Blossom
And abrogate my Gold rose 
I envy Light that wakes Him
And Birds that boldly sing
To tell Him it is Dawn,
I envy Seas, whereon He rides

i envy his woman, her still whose arms 
press him to her breasts so tenderly 
who shares his secret hopes and dreams 
and keeps his fire burning steadily

Though we are not the same, 
Still, I watch with envied eyes the humble lives he is living. 
Oh, I ENVY the Common Man – Noch

In the reality of nature, habits are recreated, people inspire people and even influence thought and plant ideas into people’s mind, just like inception and they nurture the idea and live that way, but envy they sell, the trait too, hate they sell and attractive they make it seem because it’s the art they now create, the canvas they paint ugly ideas on, but they make life and history they make too, lessons they teach because karma is real and when shit happens, it’s deserved sometimes, but with that open mind you’ll either learn of the reward of your envious deeds or learn trust and the act of human mind from another person’s point of view.

Even though they’re envious, never change, just soar high and do more than they ever thought you could achieve, envy is another phase of humanity that only the good ones will be envied because it’s another prove that you are more than the ordinary, the new validation of you’re better with bigger reality, that they see and wish it was them living the you that they envied, but every time, turn to gold because everything in life is meant to refine you, so be refined.