Even Girls Have Abs

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If you have it, flaunt it… 

Getting great abs isn’t gender specific anymore. Once upon a time, it seemed like men were the only ones working to get rock hard abs, but head to any gym and you’ll see that there are just as many women interested in learning how to get great abs. 

Generally, women must work much harder and longer to achieve the washboard abs we’ve have been dreaming of, but it’s not impossible! You just have to know the right moves, and a few diet tips, to get great abs. Here are dozens of ways to 

– Forget fast food

– Don’t starve yourself 

– Fiber Supreme 

– Skip Soda

– Do Crunches Using an Exercise Ball

– Try some old school sit up 

– Plank it

– Reverse Fly

– Crunch and twist

– Walk it

– Leg Raises 

– Climb the stairs 


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