Experiencing the Expression of Tara.El’s Work and Person

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Photography by Tara.El

Writing drunk and meeting somebody that you guys just connect and have a kind of thrill that’ll make you appreciate humanity and the beauty of experience, connecting with a different body that breath the same air as you but experience a different sense of humanity in a different continent even though they live under the same atmosphere just like the rest people of the world, just like you, but different environment and different culture brought them up, but the creativity of their heart and the work of their hand speak of how good the times they spent living has influence them to be who they are, the kind of person that just connect on a frequency with different people.

We are only a handful to want to stay up and move forward … free us! – Tara.El

Humanity is beautiful, the love and the relationship with other bodies too, the thrill usually is the feel, the enjoyment you experience when you are close or around that person, the aura and the vibe, the energy just connect on a different level as you guys enjoy the time spent together, the chat and the expression in the face, just that this expression is keypad expression.Haiti Photographer

Not even sure of the sex but the vibe I’m sure of, but we talk and chat like we are seeing each other and we connect with some experience and passion, every-time we chat it’s interesting and we met on Instagram, how beautiful is the tech world, changing our time and how people now make friends or work with people, these days you don’t have to see in the physical before you can be friend with anybody, just be human and have open mind and you’ll meet endless list of cool people, online or even in the physical. So I took my time to visit her instagram page, seeing the kind of photos Tara El account post, I can tell I love the quality and the different stories behind the photography, which made me want to take my time to see the photos on the profile and not just the ones I see on my feed and presently it’s throwing back memories to the old photos of Tara el.

Tomorrow I’ll post my last old picture so this one today is a way for me to remember why i decide to shoot with more natural light and of course why many of my works are about expression and lifestyle or something with a story! 
Life is a story, and we need to learn from each of them! 
Me? I’m here to capture them as i can! 
I am Tara.el and i’m proud as a Woman Photographer with seven years of experience! 
Challenge yourself and don’t be scared!

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This photo will make you appreciate the beauty of a body and that cliche question of what will you do if you’re the only person in the world, many will run around naked i’m sure. Freedom is what makes us flourish and be our best version but the rules and policies of the time we live in is taking our right away and gradually people are feeling less confident about their body, they are ashamed of their body, what the society is turning us into but if you know freedom is your right, you’ll be truly free and you’ll love your naked body and you won’t even have to wait for you to be the only person in this world before you’ll be able to walk around naked, in your house.

Window Nude Girl

Our body is their public discussion, our sex life too, after taking control of how to live, how we express the beauty of us they want to take charge of too, even our expression and how we lust, our sexual confidence is one part of humanity we’ve been made ashamed not to talk about even, even some are not bold enough to express the pleasure of it, many hide it. Expression have a different thrill, the thrills of the person that we are, the vibe that we possess and how fun living is from our own side of life.