Failure is a Myth

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The baby walking for the 1st time must fall. Even the upright standing man fall. Falling is not failure, rather falling (mistake) is the most important aspect of life. Perfection is mastering the art of fucking up. I cannot fail, I can only practice until the thing I desire is my reality. Ride the waves.

I am not afraid of falling in love I am afraid of being loved which is interconnect with being afraid of money. What if I loose money? What if I loose love? That very thought subconsciously cause me to push away the thing, by needing it.

To believe I already have the thing before seeing it in reality cause the thing to come to me naturally.

I can have more than enough money

I can have more than enough love

I deserve to be loved and cared for.

I deserve to be rich.

I am good enough to be loved and respected.

I am good enough to have abundance in my life.

I care about me now

I accept me now

I approve of me now

I appreciate me now

I need me now

I love me now

I am perfect just the way I am now to receive wealth beauty and love.

I open my mind to my highest ideal

I accept my highest ideal as my reality now.

I am a good person.

I can do better

I can be better

I have every right to rich

I have every right to be loved

The way I see myself is exactly how my love will see me.

I see the best in me.

I am above fears.

– Queen C Star