Falling in Love With Abby Plaatjes Photographed by Gavin Gosbert

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Let it breathe

Make love to your life

Treat her better

Editorial Photos

Abby Plaatjes. Photographed by Gavin Gosbert

Let it breathe, let life influence us with its breath, the breath of life that makes us live in the eternity of the time we spend here, the record of our existence and the things we do to affect this place that we’ve lived all our lives, earth. The breath of life that define the works of our hands and how strong this place has made us, to be the version of who we are today and the quality of the life we’ve lived so far, the hope of the future, the breath of it too that influence our hope and the visions in our head, our dreams too, let’s inhale and exhale too, let’s let everything breathe, the real breath they possess, no filters, no hate just real breath.

Abby Plaatjes

Life is beautiful and sexy, so let’s make love to her but first let’s fall hopelessly in love with everything that exist, the air we breathe even, and our body, loving the idea of our body and its beauty, the complexion and how it fit in clothes, for love is beautiful and sweet, a different energy it possess you with, a different vibe, life too is, life as we live it, our definition of existence, our reality, the person that we are. So let’s forget all the labels and the shamming tricks of the world and make passionate love to the life we live but first to make love, you’ll need to be seduced, so let your life seduce you and don’t play fair, seduce life too.

Gavin Gosbert

First we are human before our sex, before our tribe and where we are from and everybody deserve respect and to be treated with love and affection, we’ve all got emotions and it’s cheap to be nice, everybody can afford it, so why treat her badly, why shame her and make her cry herself to sleep, she’s beautiful and pretty, life is, brilliant in her shade of cool, can be addictive too, a beautiful addiction that will change everything and paint existence with pretty colors but only if you treat her nice before you can discover her shade of cool, just like life, the kind of energy you give to her she gives back to you, treat her nice and life will be the best place to exist.

Photography of Abby Plaatjes by Gavingos Bert