Fantasy of Tonight #thursdaynight

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Erotic Art

Just like the first time, have sex with me tonight as we fuck into the Friday before the beginning of the holidays, Christmas is in the air, bring to me the lust of this season and the sexiness of you, infused with the vibe of joy and good vibrations of how much love is embedded in the season, the season to show love and be reminded of the reason why we experience life, why we are humans, with people that we care about, the people we cherish and want to protect and take care of, the world we should care about too because peace is the spirit of the season, showing love and making beautiful love connections too, like the lust in our heart tonight, the sight of your bra whispers to me the joy of your breast right in front of me with the thought of the multiple things I can do with them, focusing on two things at once, they thought me during our threesome session, a remake I have in mind for tonight.

Nude Photography

Gently I want to peel the clothes off you revealing the complexion of your skin, smoothly nourished, but not feeding her with milk tonight but olive oil, your body is tender, with loving care I will treat it tonight as the oil drips down to inside of you, lubricating you, mixed with the juice of you, intoxicating the aura of this night with the playlist of when we sex, sounds, our inspiration, the driver of our fantasies, new dreams we should dream tonight, it’s the last Thursday before Christmas and besides the weekend is here.

Art of Nude

Your wisdom I thought about all day, like of Virgin Mary, the freaky naughty you that comes to play to compliment for the beautiful sluttry personality that spice everything up, we hate passwords, let’s explore new limits she talk every time and our new limit we love to break every time. We miss the treat of the balcony, the early morning red wine and blunt, the swallows and the waking up to the noice of car horns from the street across, the inappropriate place we sex just because it’s a bad idea, a new bad idea that we’ll cherish not for long let’s create again.


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