Fashion and the  Abuse of Personal Style 

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Looking good in this society is like a crime, you’ll be treated like why is she all dressed up? Around here people only get dress just to cover their body and possibly the face too without any skin showing, so if you’re not dressed like that or close to that you’re doing a huge wrong. It’s a civilized world and freedom should be embraced, we don’t have to act and dress all the same its against my human right. I wonder seriously why it’s like that though maybe it’s because of the economy of this country or the fact that people still see fashion as the western influence thing or just for celebrities, when you’re a celebrity they don’t care much or surprise when you wear certain things, though they will still criticize you and talk all kinds but for the fact that you’re a celebrity they will let go, but when you’re not, you’ll get scared how much they stare on the street, some can confront you and do the unexpected, which has really extend to some work place and even in schools and you hear things like dress code for students.
Back in school some lecturers will go as far as failing you just because of the way you dress, some will harass you sexually and blackmail too, it’s a regular trend and there’s nothing you can do about it because the system is not ready to listen to you, you’re not important, what you want to report is not relevant and so the abuse continue. I’ve always love to explore and try new trends sometimes I create my own trend but I’ve never been bold to try it because it’s all about what will people say, how will I walk on the street and I live with this for a very long time and it begin to affect me, started having the insecurity problem, low self esteem because I can’t express what I feel and want, it was like I was living someone else’s life, because I wear what will conform to the tradition of the people, but after much battle with myself and therapy I began to grow the confidence and strength to be myself, so I started to express my real style, who I am, it was working, I was becoming free and alive, then I laugh more, hangout more, I was happy and I was seeing my life taking the real turn, the kind of happy life have being hoping for, and sometimes I get gifts and compliment because I was being myself and bold, yes they stare, they marvel and some will ask sometimes “where are you from?” I can remember getting arrested in school for indecent dressing because I was wearing a sexy suit.

And it began to take a different turn, I begin to get attention from where I don’t want, the lecturers began to notice me, some will warn me not to come to their class like that, sometimes some will work me out, then the name calling, can remember one of the lecturers calling me a masquerade, all this bashing started to affect my grades, the harder I read the more I get low grades, started having problems with school and it became really frustrating, I was loosing it fast, on top speed to the dark side, at that point I discover my rogue side and I went rogue dark, the dark one embraced me then and I found solace there, my lifestyle and the level of my alcohol intake increased and I struggle to find life, trying to be their normal but that I can’t, I feel odd when I give it a thought so I decided to enjoy the dark days and style turn into DIY, I create different look for different days and I experiment all kinds of trend, some people accept it and appreciate it better than I expected and that really put a smile on my face and give me reason to keep on, can remember a yard sale a friend hosted and she brought some high fashion collection and everybody couldn’t buy it because they feel they don’t need it and can’t wear it, seeing the piece I fell in love instantly and I can still hear her saying “have being waiting for you this piece is for you take it” I laughed and she sold it to me, when I wore it to school some days later head turn and it was like I was walking the runway but my grades are not getting any better but worse then I became a fighter and after many battles I won. 

Fashion fight is not just in schools but also in the society, they plant in your head right from growing up the idea of clothes are meant to cover your body, the being creative part of fashion is left out or its a mode of you expressing yourself and it’s your form of being free is never mention, can bet that’s the reason tailors and fashion designer around here are been treated without respect and considered illiterate, before now it’s believed that people that sew are either college dropout or people that have no vision for there life and are not serious so they decided to learn a trade tailoring and back then they really mess things up. Times have change and things are beginning to have a different face, people are beginning to understand the idea behind fashion the concept of style and that the body is beautiful for it not to be appreciated, I walk around campus now and I see people looking pretty and sexy and happy, the freedom is almost here, civilization is rubbing off on us and our mentality. The challenge facing the fashion industry right now is body shamers and that’s a huge one.

– Emily