Fashion as Coping Mechanism

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Green Fashion

It’s horrible times we’re living in, many depress people walking on the street struggling to survive through the day, many want to live even though they’re tired of the seasonless brokeness and lack of the things they desire to live life. This time is trying times for many; not only in my society but around the world as environment keep depleting and government implementing policies that makes life harder than it used to be, only your personal strength and encouragement can survive you at this time aside from the help from God, friends and family that have you in mind.

Fashion, many will define as trendy things that cover our nakedness, it’s more than that at this time, even as in other times, fashion always help boost our ego and personalities, lust of fashion has been a reason to not want to die too. Many wake everyday trying to survive the day without motivation and hope, believing God will miraculously make things better, what we intend to wear every new day is always a motivation because our clothes make us feel good and worthy of the life we want to live. Even if the life we want to live is yet to come to reality, all we can do is wait and work for the life we intend to live because we only live when we are alive. The beautification of the body gives us hope that the situation is not as bad as it seem, creativity of designers make living worth it because we buy what we want, what we feel will satisfy and make us happy, we often don’t buy what will bring us down because we care about the quality of life we live even if it doesn’t seem much to other people seeing us.


Our lives matter, the clothes we wear too, they breed in us confidence to go after what we want, to pitch right and to have the confidence to talk our ideas to the people that needs it. For some the clothes they wear help them function properly at work, commanding them respect even if they feel they’re not worth that respect and accolades they get, many wear clothes to cover their sadness and pain because that’t the best they can afford, to deal with whatever they’re facing, presenting the world a pleasant and attractive façade.

Designers are becoming more prominent because of the works they do, bringing happiness and smile to the people that wear their clothes and fetch out good words of compliment from the people that admire the clothes on the body that wears them. No doubt good words lift us up and bad words bring us down, designers are influencing the world to speak good things because the mind knows what is right and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it never lie. Don’t lie, don’t hold back your true feelings, compliment when you see something beautiful, you may never know how the words you’ll say to that person will lift them up. It can be our own little way of making the world better, because you can never tell what the dream of that person is and what it’s required to bring that dream to life, it might be the compliment you give because fashion now is the true happiness that’s keeping many going if not maybe the suicide rate would have tripped.

Save lives with your designs, save life with your sense of style, save lives with your compliment.