Fashion for Today

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Fashion Girl

Sharon Ojong

It’s a funny feeling paired with a beautiful realization that every-day has a sort of approved feel attached to it, like some certain way of life is allowed on that day. On Fridays you’re allowed to turn-up, to live out loud, if you don’t sleep at home on a Friday, it’s totally understandable. It’s a different feel when it’s Monday, that day everyone loves to hate. But for Thursdays, it’s a sexy feel and the vibe of the day influences your choice of style. The color of Thursday is usually pink, red sometimes, and when it’s black, it’s those sexy net stockings paired with beautiful heels, bold buttons and a glimpse of that gorgeous bag peeking below that comes to play. We know Sharon Ojong will never do it wrong, she’s fashion and picture perfect.

Fashion designers we’ll always love because they always dress differently, even different from a stylist. They dress up so decadent and we love how they preach style to us, holding on to their every word and tip. Rekana is proof, as you’ll fall in love with every one of the pieces.

So let’s dress like we’re famous, let’s be style stars and get rid of boring fashion and sense of style. Let’s break the norm and create new cultures, give ourselves a new confidence, wear it on us everyday. And because we can create it all, let’s beautify the streets with the pride of who we are and what we’ve got. Let’s be fashion free. #Rekana