Fashion Freedom 

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  We all have different definition of freedom, to some people freedom is what they believe in, to some freedom is what they listen to and how they express themself and to us freedom is what we wear and how we look, how we look is major to our existence and it’s our way of expressing what we feel inside.

 Fashion is a way of us expressing our believe and the joy inside of us, fashion is freedom and a mode of expression of our daily life, sometimes i ask myself how will i dress if i have no restriction or i can afford it all. But in life you can’t always afford it all and you can’t really exist without restrictions or rules because they guide and shape us to what we’ve become. Fashion freedom is what we hope for, with nobody telling us our to dress, Pharell in his acceptance speech at the 2015 cfda awards he said no one dresses better than the everyday Americans. But for this part of the world that we don’t have that much fashion freedom, we can still dress and look good how we want. So i ask what does Fashion Freedom means to you?


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