Fashion Friends

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img_9522Laughs joy and play the spirit of the young, wild and free. Throwing caution to the wind is the vibe of being free and alive, doing the fun things maybe twice or you just get very creative with it every time. Best things in live are free, fun are free, happiness is too and friends are too, they make you discover the other side of you that has been hidden. Memories linger for almost forever, so it’s like these, what kind of memory will you like to have, the fun ones that will make you laugh and happy every time you remember them? So why don’t we just make those beautiful memories now. Like they say sweet memories always come from bad decision, how much beautiful bad decision can you make?

img_9524Making friends can be fun and sometimes they don’t just work, the chemistry don’t just come alive especially if you’re seeing for the first time, sometimes and when it does come alive it’s like a fire of love, love at first sight, that kind of love a guy feels when he sees the love of his life for the first time, maybe a crush, the freedom and aura you feel is always different, the butterflies flies beautifully all around inside of you and you just act like this is what you are made for.

Friendship and fashion compliment just like two friends smiling and happy; their emotions give boost and just lift the right mood to life. Our kind of fashion during our happy times is a reflection of joyful and how fun we are, the shade of lipsticks, the white dentition and the look in the eyes, pure and real, it’s contagious, even to the looker, they just make taking pictures easy and fun.


Models are goals, everybody wants to be one, we love and wish for their body, they are sexy and pretty and clothes on them is like a cheat because it fits them every time. How much they try to improve their body and also maintain it most times is the hard work they put into the profession, though all bodies are meant for a different fit, they fit into the trend, into the happy creating fun and beautiful memories. Even though this is their first shoot, they had fun together for the first time, they love their body not having to worry about size and shape, they just let the joy of falling in love for the first time fills the air and they laugh bright, the look in their eyes, pretty and the flash of the light on them captures the moment and they make us want to have a bucket list of friends fashion fun.

img_9675Trends in this side of the world are usually influenced by what will people think, even their reaction to things, social lifestyle is controlled with other people’s ideology and that has been the norm to the society. What we had in mind is just to do a different fun and a trend that is different from what the world around here sees on a daily but are done behind closed doors or in their comfort zone. Friends Fun, it’s the trend, the freedom and the having fun, it’s the season of love and fun and party, how best can you have fun and be in the mood of the season creating beautiful memories for new gossip, probably wear some things on your bucket list, some of your wild fantasies and fun filled hangout with the one with the chemistry, there’s always that one person in our lives that brings out that other side in you, she’s the person for the season.

Models – Sewuese and Lola

Photography – Jojo Spitta for Qnipz

Stylist – Mouyor Buttons