Fashion from the Back Stage of MBGN 2017

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It’s interesting how fashion in my society is really growing, the knowledge and how we style, the professionalism and the detailed sewing, the passion of the creative designers you can see vividly, their fun of sourcing for quality materials and how well they are coming up with designs that will wow you and leave you spell bound, fashion in this society is interesting and fun.

Even as the society is yet to grow to accepting the new culture of styling and fashion, the people in the industry is growing and leaving no stone unturned, they are breaking bounds and creating new rules abolishing the old ones, life in fashion is interesting.

From the backstage of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2017, a ritual every year to select the new queen to reign for another year is on. So yesterday was the fashion runway for all the 36 girls to walk in new designs by different Nigeria brands that’s making waves at the moment from Uju Estelo, Seventh Avenue, Marvee, Broriah, Greys Premier, Agatha Moreno and stylist like Kwasee, Moses, Mouyor Buttons and a host of others, the girls light up the runway yesterday at Eko Hotels and Tower and it was fun and alive, the models dazzle in different outfits.

Their designs will leave you speechless as they will make you want to try them out yourself, you’ll want to feel the comfort on your skin and how they’ll caress your skin with their soft, smooth  materials. The cuts and the poise of their designs.

The makeup artists, the designers, the stylist, the organizers all live in the backstage of the show contributing to the beautiful outcome of the show, with DJ Humility on the wheels of steel and a smooth champagne to spice the vibe and crown the effort of the people at the backstage. Soon the show was over like every fashion show, the preparation is always longer than the show, guess that’s why it always comes out perfect and short and interesting. Soon the Queen will be crown and she will reign for another year.

This is the tale of the life at the backstage where people and fashion show attendees don’t get to witness, all they see is the glamour and the beauty behind the scars, beauty of the hard work of people that contributed to the success of the show, well this is the life we live, the joy we have, our joy of contributing to the trends and look of what make history to our race, to humanity.