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Christmas Fashion It’s the season of love, it’s the season to explore, to feel lust and pleasure, to try new things and be red, scarlet red even, just like the color of the season, red is always beautiful and attractive, like the season, fun, cool music and sounds that rule both night and day, that guides our emotions and make them run wild even, the beautiful sensation and the urge to explore new things, new environment and new vibes, it’s the season of groove and possibilities.

Let’s party and try new things that the heart will be grateful for, feeling the joy of the moment, the food and the champagne, the reunion.

Fashion Lifestyle of Adebukola Hassan

Explore, experience the energy of the new vibe, the vibration that drives a fashion girl to live from her imaginations, to experience nature with light, to look red among dried corn stuck, charming the lens and the eye behind the lens, infusing nature and sexy, looking pretty, even her eyes and her heart, the red fashion girl.

Fashion Girl

Soon it will be count down to 12, the lunch of a New Year, new hopes and goals, visions and crave, passion and pose and poise, the charm and the seduction of the heart, of the thought that think glamour and joy and the expression of lustful sexy of the season, the cold air and the warm body that brings pleasure to life, the thought of the body even in the midst of the harvested farm land wearing red and posing for the camera to capture the moment, the moment of freedom, in the wild with radiation of light that makes its all HD, eyes don’t lie, her eyes tell her tales.

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

In the spirit of the holiday mood, fun and happy and fashion, making the street and every outing your run way, looking beautiful and radiant, sexy and charming, the red vibe, fashion girl, living illusion.Fashion Editorials

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Model – Adebukola Hassan

MUA – Daffodil Makeover