Fashion Girl Red Summer Vibes

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Kim KThough not for sale but I still have to look beautiful and attractive, first it’s Sunday another day to flaunt the style of me and besides I’m counting down to Saturday, Red Summer, thinking in Red till Saturday, the beauty of different shade of red is making perfect sense right now, red fits all, any trend, any vibe and as a fashion girl, my body is my canvas, I love art, the art of wearing clothes, looking interesting, making every of their stare worth it, it’s Sunday after all.

Sunday is a boring day for many, a sleeping day, though it’s on Sunday some play dress up and get ready for tomorrow Monday, but if you’ve never been to my city, you must have been hearing gist of how fun people in my city live, on Sunday people look beautiful and they have fun, they hangout too and enjoy good time and laughs. While some choose to go on trads this day, some opt for the urban trend, me too and today Mrs West is the influencer of today’s style.

Kim Kardashian West

Tight Short and Thigh Boot

After spending all day with the girls yesterday playing dress up, it’s normal for us to hangout today before life ship us back to the working world by tomorrow, and after dressing up in different outfit yesterday, discovering some outfit I’ve not worn in 2 months, it’s only proper for me to wear them before it’s 3 month, not sure I’m ready to gift this away anytime soon, especially since it’s everything that’s making sense right now, you know whatever you find Mrs West wear is already a trend, she’s a real influencer, we’ve got our different choice though.

Got the tight because it was a trend growing up, for athletes, we didn’t see it as stylish though, just a piece to make sport easy, but it’s the era of athletisure, everything is experiencing revamp and if you love or miss childhood like me, you’ll understand my lust for this trend and besides Mr West too is also a creative influence of this style.

Lara Cole

Nude I love and because of the weather a transparent thigh boot is the option, a Not for Sale white Elandred Tshirt and a brown jean jacket but because I’m thinking in Red right now and I’m African I’ll bring the urban home with my red turban.