Fashion Girl, The Weekend Girl

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I’m a weekend girl, born for groove and the life during this time, it’s when the parties are classic and cultural influenced, during the era of the not too long discovery of oil but the loot of the oil was much, just after the civil war but my home, where I was born, is a party town, the groove don’t stop, the celebration and the food, the merriment and the ladies, sexy and chic and decent like the society will describe them, we love parties and we love Fridays and the whole of the weekend, we are the people that wish for another day between Sunday and Monday, we just love that happy life.

The weekends are meant for creating memories and fun and beautiful relationship, the sex and the baby making, the kiss and the sultry words, the clothes, playing dress up and dancing to the music of the time, the musicians that will soon be legend that the world will later celebrate them and even win international awards, the classic tunes of punk and church piano, the raw words of Fela, always saying it how it’s supposed to be said, no coating, he’s all about Teacher don’t teach me nonsense, he was that sure of what he wanted and he groove and feel alive, showing people and the world how to be free, it’s all about freedom during the weekends that’s what they are meant for, work and hustle and seal deals, attend meetings and feel cooperate and work all week and when it’s Friday let it go and let loose, bring it on the split you and have good times.

Good wild times, they makes us productive and help us push our boundaries, stop stopping yourself, just let out and let go, forgive on this day and make new friends and try new things.

So let’s think Friday, let’s think groove and sexy and look pretty and trendy with beautiful smiles beside the car in jeans with hands in the hair, soft bounced light all over her, her skin came to live more, her dentition and the bold of her eyes, a dream Friday chic with a classic vibe, classics are chic any day, and their presence is always gold with a vintage finish, the culture of when I was born and the trend of now, the groove and the vibe of now, the knowledge and the words and the lust and the love for Fridays, for the weekend, the lust for fashion because I’m a fashion girl and I live in both worlds, the real world.

Muse- Mondina

JAZZY’s Photography

Retouched by Dupas Reginald