Fashion Girl Vibe; Playing Dress Up

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Fashion Girl

Woke up with fashion lust but first laundry before playing dress up this weekend. Red wine and listening to Jessie J Obsession EP in my red pata and tshirt bra is the dress code for laundry today, sexy and provocative just for me.  This coming week I want to feel like an obsessed fashion girl, want to dazzle and look like I’m from the magazine page, to make their stare worth it, giving back to the society.

More of the alternative style this week. Boots, heels, denim, off-white and definitely nude yeezys, I’m in the mood for scarfs, I’ll like to be daring too, so I’ll be showing my bra this week. The idea of showing my pant I’ve been struggling with in awhile wondering if we have to hide all these beautiful pieces inside as we hide our beautiful bodies. Like Marilyn said, the body is too beautiful to be hidden, so is my collection of under-garments, they are too beautiful to be seen only by me, let’s share some beauty with the world.

Arise Fashion Week 2019 Model

Why do we have to be the idea of how to dress in this society, a cliché? Instead let’s be the idea of how not to dress and not ending up on worst dressed list. It’s a new world we now live in where everything we think about is beautiful, our idea is to better the world and show people we can be free if we want, maybe wild and uncultured like they’ll call us. Life is too short to wear boring clothes remember, if you don’t start a trend who will? We’re good enough to take risk and birth new trends, even if it’s just us wearing the trend. It’s all about our ego and self esteem, our pretty pride that compliment our charm.

Be a girl from the fashion magazine page sometimes; for me that sometimes is next week and this red wine is actually a good company to play dress up with.