Live The Weekend Like A Fashion Girl #BlackFriday

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Fashion Girl Let’s think like Fashion Girl this Friday, let’s think fun and happiness and joy and party and sex too, let’s think style and laughs and champagne and movies and lingerie, lipsticks and beautiful movies, hangout with friends, attend weddings, let’s think the interesting things in our life.

Fashion Friends It’s Black Friday let’s go back to black this weekend, do the interesting and laugh your hardest this weekend, see good clothes and beautiful things, say beautiful and pretty things, compliment people and appreciate good vibes, be the kind of energy you want for the weekend, be alive and live black, wild if you want to cross all the things on your bucket list before the year runs out, you know those wild things we’ve been wanting to do this year, enjoy every of the moment.

Friday Fashion She just want to live the weekend in clothes heaven, soft fabrics caressing her skin, scarlet red lipstick on her lips, statement ear rings for the wedding, the velvet sexy shortie for the movie night with boyfriend and popcorn and red wine, cool songs just like that of Christian Grey’s playlist for the red room, late night conversation, playing dress-up and cooking.

Fashion Girl TGIFSome set of your friends are meant for bringing the wild other side of you out, always fun and happy, those never a boring moment anytime you’re with them are the perfect people to hang-out with, bring life to the weekend it’s almost the end of the year and the last Friday of November.

Fashion GirlHow will you want to remember the last Friday of this month, make it interesting anyhow you want it to be remembered.

Thank God It’s Friday