Fashion Glory

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African Fashion

Naomi Campbell at Arise Fashion Week 2019

We want all the credit, all the glory for our style, how pretty we can dress because we dress ourselves most times. We’re our stylist, our decision is all that matters because we know what we want to look like, we have the image in our head so we dress accordingly to boost our ego and the persona we want to create. Our fashion is the depiction of the glory we want, big enough? Only we can determine that because we know what we want.

Everybody want credit, even for little job done, that’s how we grow to want to do more. It’s the motivation to find new solution to things. Motivation goes a long way; it drives us to new field because when the mind is peaceful it will explore new territories, where you never thought you could flourish.

When the fashion is right, the confidence is right too with the vibe to do new things, the energy and the enthusiasm used to carry out every activity will make people want to tap into your vibe because they can’t explain how you do the things you do, It’s the power of clothes. Energies are installed in clothes, from the creation of the fabric, to the creativity and the well thought designs of the designer, the final piece is the combination of different energies involved in the creation, different creativity. All these come with a special energy, time put into production to boost your pride. Energy combined to create a piece adds to the energy we possess to create that image in our head, how we want to be perceived.

Most times when we admire cloth on a body we tend to forget the designer at first, the beauty of the body wearing the cloth is the first thing that comes mind, the elegance and the poise of the person we adore before we think about the designer. When the design is poor, the first person that comes to mind is the designer and his poor skills because clothes are meant to beautify us and not demean us. Clothes are created for us to be glorified but of course, the glory of who we are is for the creator that created us and everything we are.