Fashion Influenced Life

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For some fashion has been part of their healing, for some it has been a prove of being rebellious, some their obsession and some a proof of freedom, but it all balls down to that fact that fashion has contributed to our vibes, to the energy we are and how we carry our body in every trend, a mix of different influence to make a new look. We are the fashion of our mind, bold and proud and hot, because we are freedom and it reflect in everything we do, how our smiles and lips fit the face, how the attitude fit into the trend. It’s just our body and clothes, influence and trends and the richness of the heart, it’s all about style and fashion.

The most interesting and attractive thing in style is the skin, how we’ve been able to manage it over time and how much we’ve make it to be part of our style, the tone of the skin contribute greatly to every style we pull off, it’s our accessory, how we blend the complexion of the skin to suit the colours of our clothes, our skin attract and they don’t limit the extent we can do great with it. Smoot, Clean and African, simply and beautifully adorned in gold, a taste of royalty.

Florals are beautiful, colourful, the appreciation of the wonders of nature, fashion of natural beauty. Colourful mind, colourful trend, attractive choice of pretty lipstick to fit, a symbol of sexy. 

Hair is a signature, signature of root and race, a pride of our origin, a trance into our influence, funky and pretty to fit the attitude of the fashion. A joy of creativity of the old age transformed into the present time with attractive colours to blend our different ego, the image of our idea of style and personality. Amy Winehouse influenced “Bee Hive” Joy of the unblended, a gift of creativity.

Pose your vibe, a sign of what freedom means to you, the mirror of our mind, our subconscious, the energy of the young, a reflection of the sounds in our head. 

Lots of discrimination in the world today, superiority complex, ruling ego and racism, trends don’t care. Trends influence what the world should be about, the peace we thrive for everyday. Trends merge us into human beings not race, not the tone of our skin but into the love we ought to share, making the world a better place for the generations unborn, all trends, all race… Fashion.

Florals are colourful and bright, sexy and beautiful, they just blend.