Fashion is Interesting

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Fashion Girl

Fashion is interesting; it is you understanding your body and how clothes should look on you. It’s you understanding the charm and charisma of the body, knowing what colors and style fit the body. How we carry ourselves determine clothes fit on us.

Things we look for in clothes are more than fits, texture and the feel on our body contribute to what piece we shop, how comfortable clothes look on us attract compliments regularly, these feelings make you build a relationship with clothes, makes you different, it heals you and your ego changed, your self esteem gets a boost and you feel different.

Well it can be the act of wearing clothes and covering our nakedness, it’s also creative, the creativity of combining different sense of creativity to create fashion that’ll make you beautiful and feel good about yourself. When it’s beautifully combined and fits the body, it’s always interesting and attractive, the confidence you’ll ooze too will be different, people will see and respect you different. Clothes is branding, how authentic your clothes are is how your brand will look credible, our clothes and style determines the respect we get, it’s dress how you want to be addressed.

Arise Fashion Week

Fashion is the way of life, eat good food to stay healthy, dress good to be respected, dress good for people to like you. Many people live their daily life to please people, to be loved and respected, they think for the people they want respect from and loose their authenticity, same is how many have lost their authenticity because they want to dress according to trends and not according to their personal style which has made many not have personal style but trending styles.

Character you can’t hide because it’s you, same is your sense of fashion, if you’re faking it it’s always obvious because no matter how you pretend, it will be obvious you’re not comfortable, you can’t hide with fashion, it shows the real you, either the pretending you or the real you that knows what you want, say interesting things of your heart with your fashion.