Fashion is Life

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Fashion Fashion is beautiful and fashion is life I will say every time because of how clothes make you feel affect every part of you and every time of your day and even how you relate with the people you come across that day, fashion an experience in life that we all experience differently through different fabrics and through the creation of the designer to interpret to us the meaning of life through designed clothes.Designers connect to us through the clothes they make, our body and how the clothes and the designs they’re making will affect us and our lives. Fashion is the name, the medium through which we get to experience the beauty of the body and humanity, clothes makes us more beautiful and attractive, they accentuate our size and complexion, clothes bring the beauty of us out and that’s why we lust after it, we love clothes.Gucci Fashion Comfort on the skin is what we crave, the adorning of it too and the compliment of how pretty we look, nobody really want to be on the worse dress list because we can do more than dress worst, we can dress good every time, beautiful and trendy and creative too that will make people wish for our body and that’s the goal of every designer, to make people wish for your body and what you are wearing and that’s why stylist these days are making the job of the designers easy as they help harness the beauty of every designer ‘s creation.Kim KardashianDesigners design, stylist see the beauty of their designs and the beauty of your body and how the clothes the designers make fit your body and personality, it’s all about your vibes and you, that’s what the stylist see, that’s what the designers hope for, all this, is the beauty of clothes in life. Many especially in my society see fashion as been overrated, different understanding and different interpretation, but really fashion is not overrated because life is not overrated and fashion is meant to contribute to the quality of life, fashion is meant for us to love ourselves more, to understand what humanity is about and the glory of our body and complexion, fashion is life and we lust after it, fashion.