Fashion Mood of the Week

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It’s that season of happiness and being joyful and friendly, it’s the season of lights and family and creating that shopping list, so looking smart and stylish is the goal, smart so you can fit into the vibe to run all those errands and still look stylish and interesting.

The mood really is to be smart and focus and alert, that right thinking mind, that creative spirit of seeing beauty in everything, it’s the mood of taking risk and trying out new trends and some styling tricks, it’s the season of trying something new with your wardrobe, with colors even, some cool bright monochrome, the mixing of soft colorful pieces or trying some statement accessories just to hype the casual look.

It’s the week for GTB Fashion week too, so being in the mood for the fashion week is one fun way to start the week living with, pulling off some self created trends, it’s all about enjoying the aura of fashion and style and street style this week, it’s the week to live like a fashion goddess, be fashionable.