We Could Be Stars; Dress Like You’re Famous

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Afro Fashion We could be stars, we could fall hopelessly in love with the idea of being, with the idea of creating trends and looking like a star, like we are famous already, we could be stars even with the much we have in our wardrobe at the moment, we could be stars.

Fashion and its lifestyle is the stars that we are within, the person and the charm we truly hold, the vibe and the attitude of our art, the art of combinations of fabrics, the layering and the mix of colors and accessories, the choice of shoes and make up and those lipstick that attract and taste just like the sweetness of your thought.

Beautiful Ebony AfroNo scars to our beautiful, no dent to our pride and grace and vibe, not slave to fashion but a creator, a slayer, living in the best times that define fashion evolution, the new culture of the world, the culture that is shaping the world and creating new dreams and hopes, new kind of creativity and confidence and beautiful inspiration of art and couture, the glamour of grace of our renascence time.

Fashion is the healing of now, fashion is the new addiction, the route to the true discovery of self, to the part of you that’s meant to exist, fashion is all that matters now because it’s freedom, it’s real life, so experience it already and live life, be alive.