Fashion People Style in 2018

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Fashion Girl Just some few days into the year and the stylist and the fashion enthusiast are already making us anticipate what they’ve got up their sleeve this 2018, they are already slaying and looking like a finished work from the designers workshop, making us to double tap already, we did that last year and we love it. Starting the year on a fashion good note, this ladies are already telling us in simple language, the one they speak fluently, that it will be a year of fashion.

Though they all made the list of stylish women of 2017 and they are not ready to retire.



Blending the colors of the year bright and dark and red, flirting with the shoulders under a sheer material and a statement ring, red nail polish and lipstick always perfect every look and a golden heels, for her starting the year with bright hue, pleated blouse is just a perfect way to make 2018 statement.

Beautiful People Lola Oj

Lola Oj

The barista is fashion Influenced and adventurous in her new photo, giving us the modern urban desert vibes, just that behind her is boulders and not sand dunes, but flowy combo as she pose for the camera.

Lara Cole - African Woman

Lara Cole

Every time she’ll make your stare worth the while and you’ll double tap, she brings her A game every time in any wear, all black everything iro and buba can’t be better worn, bringing the sexiness and elegance in the traditional wear, with a statement necklace, urban African woman, not missing the headgear to complete that trendy civilized woman that understands style and charm and luxury, elegance.

Toke Makinwa - The Onbecoming

Toke Makinwa

Soon you’ll be seeing TM Tote by Toke Makinwa around as orders are been delivered and lady Toke is just everything, either by the door or on the stairs, her ever ready pose for the camera will make you want to know the brain behind every of her photos and she’s looking beautiful.