Adetoke Oluwo Fashion Photography by Felix Crown

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Felix Crown for Adetoke OluwoFashion is a tool, our tool of expression, our vibe, our sense and how we portray our personality, photography on the other is the tool that helps us safe that moment in time, capturing us in the right mood, that mood we want to remember the time for, the joy and look of the moment.

Felix Crown Photography is the new cool now as the world is learning new cultures and way of life, new civilization, the civilization that appreciates every single time we’re spending in this place call earth, saving memories and portfolios to speak for us, our creativity, impacting the world, civilizing the world, our own society in our own little way, displaying the art in our heart, the colors we see and the mix and layering of fabrics together to form a trend.

The eye behind the lens always see good, the smiles and the eyes, the pose of the body and the environment, they see the present in details.

Adetoke Oluwo - Fashion Girl

For Felix Crown his images are always beautiful every-time, the colors steal your attention, the texture of his photos and how he interprets the ideas in his head, his creativity you can’t help but appreciate and his vision behind those lens.

His interpretation of fashion and photography and art and time infused together you’ll fall in love in his photos.

Photography by Felix Crown

Model – Adetoke Oluwo

Styled by Style Territory

Dress by The Rad Culture

MUA – Debbysez