Fashion Pitch; Anna Pair by Wana Sambo

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Wana SamboThe Wana Sambo Woman is Strong, Sexy and Exotic, she is you, she is everything you dare to be. So who are you? let’s start with that, how well do you love fashion and looking good because our ego and personality is define by how well we look and every of our appearance tell the person we are and like you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it’s what you make the beholder see, that’ll be the beauty in their eyes, so let’s look attractive and sexy and exotic like a Wana Sambo woman already.Anna Pair

So say hello to Anna! – the Anna pair is a Wana Sambo Classic and will definitely look good on you because we’ve all got that charm and we are a Fashion Girl. Anna’s peplum blouse comes with adjustable knot sleeves which by tying or untying her knots, she becomes an on-shoulder or off-shoulder blouse. Anna’s skirt is designed with a hi-lo curvy, rounded hemline with hand-pleated chiffon detail.

Anna is easy to wear, she transcends effortlessly from day to night and from weekday to weekend. Wear the Anna Skirt with a T-shirt or collared shirt and Pair the Anna Blouse with a pair of Jeans or a maxi skirt to dinner.Nigeria Fashion

So now you know what piece to add to your wardrobe.