Fashion; The Freedom of Now

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People are born as human, not as race. We are all given birth to in the same way. Lots of people have lived on this earth, which make me almost believe some other kind of beings which are living too, guess some will also wish they live on earth as human too, maybe that’s why we hear story of aliens coming to invade earth, can bet they saw many advantage on earth, maybe they saw a whole lot that’s in the human DNA and they just try to take that from us, or wanting to have how much we have.

Greatness is all in us, the ability to style and look fashionable is in us too. Often times people wants to look fashionable and stylish but they always have a but, a but that is usually a reason they gave themselves not to look how they wanted to look because of either the society or a person. Sometimes I ask them if you dress that way will you like it? Will you enjoy the look on you? The response I get from them is usually a Yes, I’ll love it on me, and I get to wonder and ask them so why will you have to postpone your happiness to another time because of someone, or why will you deny yourself of comfort, joy, happiness and compliment because of someone or some set of people. So these people that you care so much about are the people ruling your life and dictating what you are suppose to live like.
Good and fun memories come from bad decision. Looking great and stylish comes from your personal decision, your crave, your want. Our ego should be the value of our want and brand. People suffering from low self esteem sometimes it’s a reflection of how much they’ve feed their ego, of how much they value themselves and their ego. Your ego is your pride not their pride, not what they want it to be.
These people know the truth, they live their own life by the truth but they make you live your own life by their own lies, why? Because they are scared of how much better you can be and they will just be an option beside your greatness, they are scared of great you can become because they already start seeing themselves failing and they don’t want to go down alone, they want to end being a champion not wanting to share the goodness with you, not even wanting you to have the much knowledge and truth they know, because they are scared you’ll do it better than them, they are scared of the new truth you will find and how better you’ll use it, better than what they’ve done with it. They want to be relevant till the end doing nothing or improving humanity.

img_0320They’ve told us lot of don’t in fashion, they’ve criticize many on the street, they’ve told them not to dress in a certain way and they give you many reason why you should not, but their children dress a certain way too, they do worst things sometimes than you do and they give us the reason why they are doing it, because they are different they say most times, because they have a different influence sometimes that’s what they say. So ask yourself again why do you still go with their lead, them dictating you for you, we are meant to be responsible for everything we do, so they are responsible for your actions and happiness?

We grew up believing in the spirituality of existence and the reward for the good and a place above here where everything like we are told will be great, wonderful beyond human description, all these we are told so that we can pend our lives or as a consolation of a better death or better after life so if you don’t do so good here because of the situation of the earth you can do and experience better after life, so they told you to work for your after life, and they use that to blindfold and brainwash many as they steal away the present they are suppose to experience, they tell many you are not suppose to appear these way because it’s not typical for your race to dress like this, not typical for your race to be successful in a certain profession and they just kill your creativity with their shallow thinking and fear and lies.

Fashion is freedom, the little and closest and easiest freedom you can experience, in a world they’ve told us freedom of many things but at the end of the day non of all the things they told us is free is actually free, so the little freedom you can experience through your clothes is what they are after now, that’s why they use culture, religion, race and the fear of rape and irresponsible look like they will tag it. Many has fall for this, even the older generation, the new generation don’t have to go through this again, it’s a new and different world, different time, a different millennium an internet driven time, with many information to access. Fashion is the freedom of now.