#FBF Memories of The Peter Jacobs Listening Party

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The Peter Jacobs

Peter Jacobs and a Section of the Banjos

Flashing back to not too long, when it was about to be the listening party that made last weekend fun, at the roof top, that beautiful Saturday night at Sky Box where it was all about beautiful sounds and good groove that made everybody’s night and the memories at the venue made the office gist of the week and dm gossips and even sparking new relationships and good compliments of how good people’s craft are and how much attention creators are paying to the content they create and when the name is the brand baby, the energy, you just have to be prepared for it, to contain it and if you can’t handle it, let it just lead the way to a reality that will entertain your existence.

In the heart of Lagos you’ll see beautiful distractions everywhere, but we choose what our distractions will be and when the distraction will make you have fun and inspire you to chase big dreams, it’s always welcome and Peter Jacobs made us want to chase the dreams of our heart entertained, as the crowd scream for more, more of the dance and the joy of every new song the Banjos are performing with the art of the evening, the reason for the smiles and joy of our heart that Saturday, songs from the listening party became the new sound track to our bathing time and we’ll joyfully sing along as our heart sing from the lines it picked up during the performance and we can’t wait for the links, to listen to the songs forever, anytime we wish to, instead of listening from the lines our subconscious has picked up, The Peter Jacobs we will rather let him sing it to us with the emotions and depiction of how true those lyrics are, every word and note.Peter Jacobs

The brand “The Peter Jacobs” we can now identify with, the artist that create sounds that’s meant to tell our heart a different vibe that we will interestingly listen to, it was a listening party that taught us about love and how much people can believe in you and support your dreams, that will wow you and make you want to do more because already the brand is now a beckon of hope, that’s what dream chasers do, they motivate people to want to do more than they’re doing at the moment, more of you, just as we want more already, more beautiful groove that will bring new life to our playlist.

The idea always, is to either educate or entertain, but he gave the crowd both, we scream,  jump and dance and the atmosphere became a happy one and trust me Afrobeat will always up your spirit and bring to you new groove and steps that will make you lose yourself to the sound of The Banjos and the energetic voice and electric performance from Peter Jacobs.Peter Jacobs

When it’s more than one, trust me it’s usually a blessing and especially when the more than one holds beauty just as it’s in the eye of the beholder, it’s a reality to be grateful for, though not everybody was aware that the brand boy is more than one and so the twin came on stage to surprise the crowd, nobody saw that coming because it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Tunecter the twin of Peter Jacobs and you can bet he’s a brand too and his vibe, you should be prepared for because what’s better than a billionaire, two.James Kastro

It’s been almost a week since the show ended but the view from Sky Box we still love and still want to experience with that experience of good ambience that listening party of Peter Jacobs has made us enjoyed, and so we had fun and we don’t want to have enough of it, the likes on every post about the listening party increase on a daily, even though it’s almost one week now, increasing views on the videos too, a true sign of everybody love it when it’s good and true. As a dream chaser, just follow the lead of your dreams, they know the way every time, you just have to trust the dream and the want of your heart, Peter Jacobs taught us so and The Banjos made the teaching and motivating interesting and that was how our last Saturday was made, it’s Saturday tomorrow, we wish if it’s possible to turn back the hands of time to re-experience last week Saturday this Saturday but all thanks to technology for the invention of video recording so we can just visit and subscribe to the Youtube channel and click the follow button on Instagram just in-case you’ve not  and you’ll never have to miss out on anything again.

The name is the brand baby and it’s The Peter Jacobs.The Peter Jacobs