Feel it, Feel You

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True Emotions

Photography shot by Jazzysfotografi

Emotions blinds us, our feelings take us over and tune us to the true us, bringing us energy and vibes, the kind that makes us appear different and confident, that helps us express who we are perfectly without shame.

Feeling yourself depicts you with confidence, the real you without the struggle, without the influence of the society and its rules of what’s ideal and what’s not, it’s you being on your real behavior, expressing you just how you are, the sexiness of your body and the love you have for it, the joyful expression and the exhibition of your true personality.

In the world that has dictate to us different standards, different ways of life, even how we address certain matters and how we are to see ourselves, the world that has thought us to hide our true self but adopt the standards that makes us feel ourselves less.

Just feel you, feel alive, feel sexy and pretty, feel your scars and what makes you, you, your ego, let your charm say it all, feel the different things that makes you and be you, the real you, just feel it.