Feminine Influence

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Everything in life is influenced, when the influence is pretty you can bet life will be beautiful, more interesting than we hope for, it’s all about the right energy and vibe, if the energy is sour the influence too will, life is meant to be beautiful and interesting with sexy and pretty influence, without shamming and ugly attitude, that’s what’s changing in our time. Feminine influence is growing on us every day, a different world we wake to on a daily, though the wars we’re still sad about, but things are changing, what we neglected and didn’t care about before now has changed too, the feminine influence is good if we can tap into it, they are already showing us how, redefining the world and how we live and treat people, making us a better person, change is constant they say, though some won’t change.

We call them goddess sometimes and other times we call them queens because they are, how they treat not only their man but everything in life.

We are more powerful when we unite for a course, a course that represent who and what we are, what we can be, the possibility of being human that we are created as, the power of their influence, the reality of living and making this place a better place, the power of women is taking over this era, turning it into beautiful time we will cherish for the rest of our lives because it’s turning humanity into better beings, the influence of their charm on us. Love and Lust, powerful words that can be used against us, but when used right can change everything and make beautiful time when women changed the world, the world experience great times those times, even though those times are long gone, history of those women and what they did is still with us till date, their works we still relish because they brought about a different civilization to time.

Sexy Qlue Magazine PhotosThe lyric of the song is like a question, the question we already know the answer to, who runs the world? She sang the answer too, girls! Though it’s been believed that it’s a mans’ world but we all can tell about the beautiful energy in the world right now is a female energy and it’s seducing the world, we love it because it’s leading us to a different place, call it a better place because it’s teaching humanity lessons we’ve neglected or never thought was necessary, its teaching us respect, power and glory, making us love photos too, they add beauty to everything, to life.

Behind every successful man there’s always a woman they’ll say and its true, the change in the world is women influenced, bringing our attention to what we’ve lost, using their charming power to raise the world like they will train a child, teaching us to respect not just women but humanity and how to treat the next person, not taking advantage of who they are but relating with everybody well because they’re humans and as humans we are meant to respect everybody’s opinion and point of view.Their power of influence is strong right now, the major force driving new discoveries about be-ing and living, they’re teaching us to appreciate people and connect with them and their struggles, not to judge because we house different shade of beauty in us.

Qlue Magazine Photos

Let’s study war no more and make love the way, the world is bored of its old ways, bored of hate, wars and discrimination,the representation of gender ego too, we are all humans first and we’ve got rights, influence and for many years we can all bet it’s been one sided, “It’s a men’s world” he sang too, but not only men exist here, everybody does and representing everybody is what the world has neglected for a long while but a mother is meant to love her kids, to care for them. Let’s build a new world is the influence of now,  equality without shame, without the classification of who you’re to be, true emotions, the influence feminism is bringing to our attention, unlike the influence that has rule the world before now, only people with hate will get burned.

Let’s discover fire again with the influence of feminism of this time, let’s harness the energy and in turn make it beautiful.