Finding Fashion and Her Love for It

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Growing Fashion Girl Every day have its own vibes and they start on their own accord, they just have their way of making everything that happens fit into the day and you’ll always be presented with the option of either to live in the moment and enjoy everything or hate it and sleep through it if you can, maybe have fun with it is a better option and make the best use of it, but everyday is got its vibe that it won’t change for you because that’s how the earth rolls, that’s how this place work, the universe have its kind of power to make things happen and all you can do is to tap into it and make it happen for yourself too because that’s how things work here, you live and make things happen.

Fashion Designing

There’s a beautiful power of fulfillment in creativity, especially when you create clothes and designs, the passion and the vibe, different stories made us though, different experience and the different phase that we’ve experienced, but being true and real to ourselves is a beautiful way to enjoy this place and most times that’s the best way to wow the world.

So she loves Fuji and Boots, Jackets and Afrobeat, Fashion and Reggae, she loves to design clothes and she’s got dreads on her head, her designs will make you love your shoulders, she loves to flirt with them, she’s an advocate of sexy, that’s what her designs are all about, the appreciation of the body of a woman and her sense of fashion is influenced by the people of fashion, DVF, Ladyvhodka, Lisa Folawiyo and a host of others.

Designing App

Like they say find what you love and let it kill you, she found fashion and fashion found her and she’s growing with the vibe, with the groove of her heart. Fashion just have its way of connecting you with the dreams of your heart, the energy it breeds in you, you’ll love it every time and that’s one beautiful way to grow you. So her dreams she talked about, her love for designs and boots and the blend of tomboy and the chic phase, she’s the growing fashion girl that’ll make you appreciate fashion and designs and her kind of music genre too.