Finding Purpose

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Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why are we human, why do we think and naturally find solutions to problems, why we create problems even and some desire troubles and wars, hate and shaming, bringing people down. Daily we ask questions, daily we search for us, for the meaning of life because really sometimes you just wonder why are we created even, why are we placed here on earth, what are we supposed to do here. Sometimes we think we know the reason why and other times you’re just so sure you’re wrong, you can’t just help not screaming wtf, especially when you’re depressed and confused.

Everyday we wake up we hope for something different and new, thrilling experience that will renew the joy of yesterday, hope to keep going till the day we’ll die, everyday we live the best way we can, we do the things we can and the ones we can’t do we lazy around it or make excuse for it, but we wake still and we strive too, raising hope and dashing hope, plans not happening, stuck and blindfolded, way forward blurry even.

Even when we’re yet to die, part of die, the part we don’t use often, the sense we have and don’t put to use, the knowledge too, the talent and the hope we stop having after everything look blurry and confusing, but cast all your fears he said, even nets he ask us to launch, guess to survive sometimes we need to die a little, maybe more than a little to appreciate life, to fail many times to appreciate the confidence of success, life oh life, guess we’re created and born for a reason after-all.

Find your purpose.

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