Floyd Cardigan Present Beyond Measures

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Floyd Cardigan

My collection centers on an entrepreneur been subjected to her brand. Beyond measures makes a person more productive and willing to do more. Taking my brand to the next level, I have to put in place measures like planning, client friendly, budgeting etc. Every piece denotes aesthetics in Wool fashion and it is made from our local wool, it makes me appreciate the value of knitting.

Christmas Cardigans

Communicating with my client helps me understand the usefulness of business. Social media has helped me to grow my brand and set track of my online adverts. 

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Wool fashion has gone international and it is well recognised globally. Measures have been put in place for people to appreciate what African designers create. The patterns, stripes, asymmetries, prints etc tells a story about our society and it brings us together as ONE BIG FAMILY.

The aesthetic value of wool in our modern society.

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