Foodie Friday

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Sexy Lingerie What’s for dinner? one question we often ask, even to ourselves, for some people they already know what they want to eat, they are that decisive and for some they can eat anything, if it’s available it can be eaten and for some they find it hard to make up their mind on what to eat but when they do, they eat deliciously. Making up my mind on what to eat is one of the biggest task of the day, but I love my food and my food love me.

Some days you just know what you want to eat and some days you really just don’t know or care even, but on Friday night the crave is usually different, because the vibe is always different, as you come to life on Friday, your appetite too comes to life, not every time though.

The crave is roasted turkey, hot dog, slice of cucumber, water, smoothie and a bottle of red wine and some good puffs, with list of movies and series to watch all night.

Friday night sometimes you just want to hangout with just you, indoor, with the music and the booze, the vibe and crazy.

Just you Friday night.