Free the Nip

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BoobsIs Nipples Not Part of a Breast? #freethenip

From when we were young we’ve been taught how to live and how to act like human, responsible and good and maybe to respect people depending on who taught you though, but as humans we are meant to respect everybody, and with the recent trend in the world right-now, especially women you have to respect and treat well. But these rules and doctrines that they’ve taught us all our lives, that they’ve made us to be used to, some are based on bias believe and maybe unreasonable.

It’s not new the strict rules about nudity and showing of nipples in the post you make on most social network, usually they’ll drop the content down and strike you with a warning, so people blur the nipple or cover it, so that’s allowed. Just like the idea of nudity and nudist in the society, they love to live naked and they know it’s their right to own their body and be proud of it but the society make it feel wrong to be your body and you wonder where’s the love, the love to love and appreciate your body.Sexy

We all can guess the sex of anybody you see, except for the non-binary people, but the reality is what’s the different between a breast and a nipple, if it’s allowed to show the breast why not the nipple, a typical example of how our society is filled with bunch of hypocrite, they say you can’t go nude because it’s not morally justified but they are aware of nude island and people that are nudist and life did not change, these people live and they are happy about it, but they are not because they feel they are losing the grip on the people so they make everything look unlawful, but the reality is if you can allow picture of a breast or a nude body you can allow the nip to be seen, you can allow the genitals too because this is what made us human, making us blur or hide our body make people develop the sense of liking their body less or to be ashamed of us, the nip is beautiful and part of the breast, our genitals is part of us and we are proud of our body.

Loving of ourselves is not being selfish, and that does not make us a narcissist, it’s just us living and loving the body that we live in and we are comfortable enough with our body that’s why we can pose for the camera in all of its glory because the body is art and it’s too beautiful to be hidden, so if we are bold enough to make nude art, guess the society will have to respect that and not limit or shame people that love the art of their body, it’s all about respect, it’s all about freedom and it’s all about living artistically, fun and right, the nip is pretty enough to be seen, even the genitals, guess that’s why it’s a nude shoot.