Friday Advise; Just Have Fun

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Sometimes it’s the alarm that’ll wake us and we’ll have to snooze many times before we finally wake and sometimes we can’t wait to wake up because of the promise the new day hold, the new gift of life, to experience the lust of this day, the fun of it too, life is beautiful, the cliché we’re used to, the fact we can’t deny, like every-day we just want to explore this gift of today, to live in every moment.

So let’s party like it’s 99, throwing all caution to the air, tripping in finesse living in the groove of every moment and inspiring the world with the groove of our heart, it’s Friday and Friday is the day we just want to inspire the world of what fun is, what love is and what living as human is, why do we have to obey all the rules and be boring when we can be fun and be inspiring, creating new stories that will change this time, fun stories that will inspire the world that is yet to be born.

What we do on this day is have fun, explore the joy of every moment, the smiles and the fantasies of time, the fashion and style that will beautify our body and self esteem, and put that pretty smile on our face, boring kills and being sad, well not many can take advantage of that, but why stress yourself when you can take advantage of being happy and living, breaking all the rules and making your own rules, your rules that will create that change that we all want in this world, the world is bored of the silly ideas that has made us boring and lonely, telling us to tread with caution and live by a code that will kill us, we’ll die anyway, that’s what humans do but before then how much fun can we have?

Friday Fun

So who will you be today, someone that will change this time and create new history or someone that will do the old things, live the old life and by the old boring rules and expecting Friday to be different? While let’s fuck today, beautiful sex that will set us free, let’s drink too, responsibly they will advice, party if you can, laugh and hang-out with people that will inspire you to be better and grow in the lust of your heart for we are humans and we are not created to live a boring life, guess that’s why music is fun, the joy alcohol bring to us when we’re too lazy to find that fun side of us, too lazy to even relax our mind and find peace and love there.

Lose yourself sometimes, set yourself free and be your joy, be the life of Friday, the life of the party because we live in the life of fun, the city where it’s all about hustling and bustling and having crazy wild fun, the kind that will change the history we’ve created, to start living a good and new life, that kind of things you do in a day that you will wish you can pause time and just live forever, but yes you can live forever, all you just have to do is create memories that people will remember for the rest of time, even when you’re long gone and your stories will make movies, even win awards because we are all celebrities, we are born to be celebrated, we’re born to live and to die but even in death you can still help people living have fun and still inspire and even help people make income, that’s charity, that’s giving back to life, to show how much you appreciate the opportunity of living in this place called earth, earth is beautiful and its fullness thereof.

Friday Sex

So scream and shout, party and jump and dance and love and lust, have sex and treat your lover with joy and respect, make them have the best time of their life tonight, make them wish they can pause time, it’s Friday let’s have fun, don’t, never hold yourself back, that’ll be the greatest sin you’ll ever commit and remember the wages of sin is death, nobody really want to die, so let’s live, let’s have fun and let’s make Friday a happy one.

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