Friday Erotica; The One Night Stand That We Are

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One Night StandSometimes we like it slow, while sometimes the rough vibe is the crave, you just want something unusual to bring a different vibration in you, especially when it’s Friday, the crave is different because the life of Friday too is different, you can’t help but feel different on Friday, it’s either you’re thinking of how to relax from the stress of work or you’re thinking of how interesting the weekend will be, especially with a lover and every time spent with a lover is everything, epic fun.

So on this Friday it started with a long stare that made me wonder why, but our eyes, we couldn’t take off each other, the energy was strong, everything was interesting even the outfit, and somehow the air was filled with romance and our phone and airdrop did it all, technology aided romance, it was a beautiful seduction and it was interesting because it was raw and different and we didn’t say a word to each other all we did was to communicate in pictures.

The first picture I got was the pink band of her under pant, her eyes was on fire and her lipstick was scarlet red and it was a pretty turn on, reciprocating the act and following her lead, a snap of my under pant band I sent to her and I got a wink in return, then the cleavage, then the picture from under her skirt, at that point we already know what we will be doing to each other because right there we were on fire and we are ready to consume each other it’s Friday after-all.Lust

We finish our meal almost same time and when we got up to exit the eatery we are no longer strangers like some few minutes ago when we first saw each other at the adjacent table. The first word we said was with a hug and a kiss and we forgot we are in Nigeria our PDA game came to life and Thank God it’s Friday, the Uber app came in handy. Ever got oral in a moving car not minding the loud horn outside and the a bit slow traffic, it’s daring and we don’t care even, we’re just obeying our thirst and it’s everything that affect Friday differently, we were like a drug on each other because till we got to our destination we were never apart for a single second, our lips love each other and our hands was doing lot of magic, our body was alive and our clothes was no obstruction.

And when we finally got to the house, we pulled it all from the door, we manage to find the kitchen counter top and that’s where the magic happened with peanut butter as an accomplice, we couldn’t start slow because the heat is no, it was a beautiful rough with no safe word, our skin love each other and our eyes was full of lust, passion and more plunge, the scream of more, harder was the rhythm of the time, the loud moan and the joy of thank God we are humans made us go even more crazy, but off course we used protection.

And when we came, we did together it was a beautiful synchronized explosion and then we introduced ourselves, a cold shower and a drink outing. Sometimes you don’t need the dating app, if we all can be real to ourselves and the world, this place will be a better place, because at the end of the night we still respect ourselves for acting how we did because we had fun not even thinking of what if this go wrong, throwing all caution to the air sometimes it’s fun, we made a beautiful story and we got back home in each other’s arm, to spend Friday night just like the one night stand that we are.

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