Friday Night Out

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It’s friday, the end of the working week, the day we get to release ourself of all of the stress of the week. Many will hit the club, bars, strip clubs etc. But here are tips of how to stay on top of your drinking game tonight.

– Know your limit
– Drink with a group of friends. If you want to drink responsibly, what you should do is avoid drinking alone
– Don’t drink with people who encourage binge drinking or look down on you for not drinking, or for not “keeping up” and drinking a lot. You should be comfortable to drink at your own pace.
– Know how you’re getting home.
– Never drive drunk.
– Don’t drink if you’re not in a positive frame of mind. 
– Don’t drink on an empty stomach.
– Stay hydrated Alcohol dehydrates and draws vitamins and minerals out of your body. Drink water, soda or water with added vitamins to restore your lost vitamins.


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