Friday to Experience Before the End of 2015

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We often shout TGIF but most times we don’t have the courage to actually experience that, because even if we do say it, we don’t mean it. It’s almost the end of 2015 how many TGIF have you experienced? Not too late to experience one before the year ends.
  TGIF is not the regular Friday experience it’s a different ball game entirely, it’s a Friday that you get to loose yourself, loose yourself to dance, get drunk, climax and go wild! Well how wild can you go? You don’t want to miss out of the fun by obeying all the rules, let’s get really wild.

Our Idea of a Wild Friday 

  1. Don’t plan it, let it just happen, when we put lot of thought and planing into something it becomes professional and you already know what the result might be but when you don’t you are in for lots of surprise, almost everybody love beautiful surprise.

2. Close early, everything that need the professional part of you should be put to rest early because you don’t want interruption during this wild time out and the last thing you need is not been professional about anything, work.

3. Solo or Company? Well if you want company you should let them know on time so they may know how to adjust their schedule and fill you in but for my kind of wild night i love it solo so that i can do wild all by self without be cautious of anybody and listen to any kind of music while i nurse my cup.

4. Your playlist, music is the food to the soul, during wild you might be too lazy or not permitted to change music and some kind of sound can just ruin the moment, which that will be the last thing you want in this kind of night. So just get your playlist right before the wild begin.

  5. New wild trends to try, we’ve been living almost forever in present why don’t you take a trip back to the past or the future if you so like. 

– You can experience bushy again and skip bald for one night.

– Listen to classics

– Party like the 70s

– Wild drunk and sex, you can give in to Fifty Shades of Grey.

You want to experience future? Invent yours, live in it and enjoy every moment of it.


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