Friday’s Intention 

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It’s Friday today, a day we all get relieved and revived and get to appreciate it’s the end of another week, maybe stressful, challenging or memorable, a day to mark how beautiful our activities for the week has been, maybe taking us closer to our dreams or it will be a review that will show how lazy and relaxed we’ve been all week, maybe very busy that we have no time to add a little spice to our life, or interesting or how boring has our fashion been during week, it’s a day of emotions and joy, some missing the work environment and many Thanking God It’s Friday.

Fridays are days meant for us to explore our wild side bright or dim light maybe candle light, to live a little and maybe tick somethings off the bucket list, it’s a day to experience what freedom is and act your wild, your dance moves, your night life game, flirty side comes to life and the power to control your how drunk you want to get, how discipline you can be adhering to your own rules, it’s a day to experience fun and to make beautiful memories, actions that will make beautiful gossip in the new week and create a tale to be told later in the future.

For today’s Friday night we have a wishlist, things we’ll love to do on this day, the kind of fun we’ll like to catch and the kind of fun memories we’ll love to experience.

– Get all work done and close early 

– Early dinner with friends and wine

– A trip to the cinema 

– Drinks at a sport bar and little flirting 

– Then the club

– Experience the night life of the town, drive all night around town with camera capturing the different life of the town at night, from the queue at the front of the clubs, food joints, bars, in the club and the night drivers 

– The early morning creating heated fun and sweat in the secluded open space 

– Waking up in each other’s arm with the sunrise above us in the open roofed car

How Friday ends most time is usually a reflection of how much we can let loose and live outside the box and believe of being cautious and how much boundaries we have, the day usually starts with hopes and eagerness of what it holds and how it will turn out to be but how it ends is you going out against all odds and making your list come to life. Friday is for fun.