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It’s a really interesting world and how we make friends sometimes you don’t know, you can make friends from the wrongest moment and you guys can last generations, we make friends unnoticed sometimes and sometimes you are not interested in becoming friends with someone and you prevent it but somehow the dot connect elsewhere in different time, how beautiful making friends is. Sharing love with someone is awesome and more beautiful even when you guys are not in a relationship, non relationship friendship have a different feel, i got your back feel, you guys are limitless and you can rule the world from your world.

Best moment are created from bad decisions, only your friend can help you make that kind of decision to create the history, no wonder the series Friends is one of the greatest series in showbiz, they were interesting and they gave us lots of “Friends Goals” and we just want to friend again. Best thing about friends is the sharing especially the food sharing and bills paying. The drink out is always fun too. You guys are just creating beautiful memories and story for another day. 

We all are emotional at different levels though, but when you’re missing someone you can’t hide the emotions, friends cry when they are missing each other, some mood swings and crazy wishes, then all your bad decisions memories surface. 

Making friends is one of our activities on earth, creating beautiful memories with people, different personalities and different influence and you guys just make a perfect blend. Though some may be annoying and some are the besties, friends spice our lives.

Sometimes things happen and we can’t be there for them which breaks our heart and wish we could turn things around and we beat ourselves up but somehow they get to respect your hard decision and understand why it have to be so, the love we share with our friends is a kind of love that put smile on our face and it’s different from the one we share with our lovers, friends love is a beautiful love.