Friendship and Love; Friends Just Wedded

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Mr and Mrs AmosLove they say it’s beautiful and you can’t deny that it is, especially when it’s shared with people that take your breath away, beautiful and stylish with good heart that’ll make you dream forever, even if it’s day time, that you can’t help but commit your life to each other and make that vow to forever dwell together as one, as husband and wife, best friend and partner in crime.

Friends Getting Married Friends and Wives “The Amos and The Emakhu

It’s even more interesting when it’s shared with another best friend, two friends getting married the same day in matching outfit even, what better way to define love and friendship, life is just beautiful when you feel that much love and you express it even in a more pleasant way like getting married on the same day with your friend and in this season, the season of love and family, what better time to get married and to feel loved, love is in the air and it’s beautiful, even the weather can testify to that, the cool breeze and the harmattan.Isaac and Jenny

Mr and Mrs Emakhu

So finally the journey to eternity already started today, the exchange of vows and the professing of love, the kissing and the lifting up, the look in their eyes, the lust and the love of becoming one.

Love of the season Mr and Mrs Amos

Like they say Happy Married Life, happy new beginning of fun and interesting lifestyle, of staying together for eternity, of raising kids together, of living under same roof, thinking of each other and thinking for each other, happy new life of romance and thought of each other, the waking up to see the face you’ve vowed to be with for the rest of your lives, to that morning sunshine.The Amos

So the latest couples in town right now, to the friends that owned time today and make history, that from today forward, another bond has bond them together, that from this day they’ll have one more anniversary to celebrate together, Happy Friendship, Happy Marriage and have a beautiful life time.

Happily Ever After…

The Amos and The Emakhu