F#%k The Likes

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Fashion Girl

Interesting world we live in, the world where we live two lives, the digital life and the real life that we live, just that the digital life is more interesting than most real life because on the digital life you see all those that admire and love you for the gram and the things you entice them with but real life, real ass-holes out there, wicked and beautiful in hiding, that you can only guess through their actions and expressions but the digital trolls you can’t compare their wicked heart and thoughtless thoughts and comments on your comment section.

For the digital world, we can almost do anything for the likes, buy it even because it’s possible, create impressions and know what you can put out there to make them like you more, impressive and interesting, everybody love it when they double tap, it’s the culture of this generation, the trend of this era.

Fashion Girl

For the peace of mind motivational speakers speak, to encourage humans on how to live better and to live in the real world better than how the digital world is influencing the lifestyle of the real world. The digital attention is different from the attention of the real world, the hate too but we love it more there, that’s where we get to experience the real beauty of the life we crave to live, we all love to live after all, so we live more online, on the gram where we think of strategy on how to get more likes, how to generate more impressions.

But fuck the likes and the kind of things it makes us do and how it makes us feel. Fucking love yourself and double tap all you could.