Use of the Word Fuck

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Plaid fashion The word Fuck is the most popular vulgar word, the most popular word that is not approved but it’s the most interesting word that fits all, it fits any situation and every situation and any figure of speech, it just explains the expression in a perfect manner as you meant it, fuck is a sweet word and it’s officially a bad word that can be applied to any conversation without the motive of disrespect but confidence.

Judging from the tradition of the world, perfect things they hate and make rules against, presenting it as illegal and vulgar but it’s just a word, the interpretation of what we meant, expressing the reaction that fits.

Body Confidence Two meaning it’s got, the sex and the expression, we can’t deny the beauty and the joy of sex, especially when the mood dictate the rough rapid bangs, the remold that tune you, and you glow in a different light, the mix of warm and pleasure, skin and skin and the feel of two lips and the exchange of tongue, the fondling and the tingling feelings that excite, fuck is a beautiful thing which we all either crave, practice and love it because when it’s right it makes you, your body feels good. So the society makes us feel embarrassed to talk about what makes us feel good, we feel shy about what we enjoy, so fuck becomes vulgar and illegal.

Communication is done when who you’re communicating with understands, fuck is not just a word of abuse, it’s also a word of communication that just explain the strength and power of what you’re communicating and it’s interesting every time because it commands attention and a look, in the present world a arrogant look it portrays’ you, a fuck the world personality, a rude and disrespectful one but really it’s not meant to be disrespectful and rude in many cases but the society has made us see it that fucking way.

Punk Fashion The really fucking thing about existence and reality is, fucks happen every time and we are just supposed to fucking cope since they already made the fucking rules that has made us the fucking person we are, shading the real fucking truth that humanity is about, you wake and the fuck, you see things that they’ve made priorities and you fucking think to yourself what the fuck, more like can’t we fucking see the truth and what should be the fucking priority and you just fucking wonder what has happened to humanity and society, giving fucks to what is not needed. Fucks are precious, if you fucking give a fuck that means you care which that’s what humanity is about, to care fuckingly for this place called earth, to fucking treat it right, to make it conducive for all but if you really give a fuck about the doctrines of the society, then you become fucking regular, the usual, your fucking pride and prestige and uniqueness you fucking loose. The society just want a fucking credit for its dictated way of life. Fuck it already.

The anger and the confidence of fuck it, elevates you from the present mood and situation, it grows you and paint a clearer picture. But it balls down to who you are and what you do with your fucks and how you express it too, how sexy and attractive and polite is your fuck.

Fucking love Thursdays and it feels, it paint the Friday ahead in a fucking beautiful way and you just want to fucking experience Friday already, the first day of the weekend.

Fuck is beautiful.