Gigi Hadid Definition of Success on Pirelli 2019 Calendar

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Pirelli 2019 CalendarGigi Hadid defines success differently now that she has become such a big model. Her own rise to fame has shocked her. “It’s crazy because so many of the things that I’ve accomplished or done, I didn’t think I would do maybe ever,” she said. “But also I thought that it would be a lot more spread out. So that was very exciting and surprising and cool. I’m so grateful for all the things that lead to each other.”

“But now I define success as doing something that I’m inspired by very day,” she continued. “I feel like I have a successful day when I’m really part of the team, and I feel like I worked my ass off, and I’m exhausted, and I just loved every picture and was there for every picture mentally. And part of that success takes learning the balance of when I have to be away and then I can come back kind of stronger and take on the job. But also success for me is keeping a certain normality for myself and my life.”Gigi Hadid

To obtain that normalcy, “I’ve learned in the last couple of years I’ve just learned to be assertive and not be scared that that will make me seem ungrateful or you know, make me seem like I don’t work hard,” Hadid said. “Because I have to know and be confident in that when I’m on set, I do work hard. And that I deserve to sometimes be off. And it’s worth it because when I come back, I can be more consistent in my work.”Alexander Wang

Hadid plays a wealthy and successful woman on set who despite this, has sadness in her life and feels safe in her New York penthouse haven. Her confidant, played by Alexander Wang, comforts her. Ahead of the calendar reveal, Hadid told reporters that she can relate in some ways to her character’s struggle. “I’m always traveling alone and sometimes I find myself [alone at night], after being around hundreds of people in a setting that seems like there’s a lot going on for me, and it’s very glamorous and da-da-da. At the end of the night I’m in a hotel room by myself in a country where I don’t know anyone,” she said. “The time is weird at home so no one is awake to talk to [because of the timezone difference]. I find myself in the same situations as this character where it’s kind of lonely and sad, but I think there’s kind of a beauty in that, in terms of getting to know yourself and learning how to find strength.”