Girl In The Wide

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Really it’s just us alone in this world, just us and our guts, believe and pride and our passion too. Just like every other person it’s trying to survive, trying to make sense and make happiness, to make satisfaction. With lots of influence in the world trying to lure us into what they are guessing to be what’s right, with proofs and theories which has convinced us enough to understand that the best things in life are free and it’s those things that drive us to be who we are with no pretense, it’s a free world given to us from ages past which has developed into what we are in now but it has been passion and the love for satisfaction and showing of affluence and pride that has brought us these far.

Girl in the wild, untamed and raw, beautiful and bold daring with the sense of style and the adventurous spirit to experience the joy of open land and nature, seeing the art of the wide and the open mind of the free land, in bold trends and the sexiness of shoulders and the joy of beautiful body and skin, the diversification of the joy of different size of the body.

Sky blue denim jacket, off shoulder, showing the beauty in skin and the sultry vibe of shoulders, black lacey choker with a black coral stone as ornament to the neck to compliment the look, a fair red lipstick which fit for girls night and also to fit her look as she explore the wild, statement ear ring to seal the charming look of the eyes, bold confident and sexy and a spandex black pant styled with a black heel sandals. Like the new Rihanna’s influence of fashion daring she look and sexy too, attractive and allowed for gossip of what her vibe in the trend look, pretty and charming.

Though raw and untamed the sexiness in her pose and her eyes stares into you, looking like she’s drinking you in, posing in clothes that beautify her body and her energy, she is sexy in spandex and denim though in some of her boyfriends pieces she was sexy and bold in the wide her strength and energy and charming focus.

Boyfriend jeans and sandal heels and a wool jacket showing her flirty shoulders, ropes as choker distracted by the beauty of the wide, the tenderness and gentle vibe in her pose, even in her boyfriend jeans she’s relaxed and waiting for the wide to come take her away, to explore and live fun, bold lust stare, focus gaze into the wild.

Sometimes we just fear our focus and imagination and we just get lost in the fear of it, getting lost in it sometimes might give us a different insight to what it’s meant to be, the lust open possibilities of all realities, bold look in her eyes, matte lips making her stare attractive and with strong vibe of shy.

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon 

Photography Assistant – Mac, Daniel 

Interns – Lekan

Models – Morenikeji @mz_lowla

Makeup – Bella Signature 

Styled by Mouyor Buttons