Girlfriend is a Plus

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Sexy Girlfriends

Girlfriends are plus in our lives, not all though but if you are lucky enough to find a good one never let her go. The karma of letting a good girl go is usually the nasty ones you end up with, those girlfriends that make your days hell, the kind you won’t wish for but to wish for mystery Ruby Sparks. When you have the one that make you feel special, that showers you with love and sweet words, those pretty sexy hot girlfriends that make you wish time could pause anytime you’re with them, those ones you need to hold onto because they are always the real deal.

The company we keep defines us, our girlfriends define us. True you can’t know all about a woman because of their numerous tricks but the one you end up with defines the person you are. Some are carried away by beauty alone but beauty alone is not the deal, beauty plus sense is the deal many are searching for now. Behind every successful man is a woman, don’t forget also that most great men that have existed are brought down by women, the women they love, a cue that you can’t know all of a woman but you can get a hint of the true her if you’re true to yourself enough.

Hot girlfriend

But our girlfriends are plus in our lives, especially the ones that feel the same thing we feel for them, they make every time with them interesting, bringing us joy and fulfillment, contributing to every discussion un-intimidated, they contribute to the relationship morally with love not making just their lover do all of the contribution. Girls of this time are proving they’re more than enough, calling shots in the relationship, asking for what they want and how they want it, they’re no longer intimidated which makes relationship more interesting and not one sided.

It used to be the guys that contribute more to relationships, they call all the shots and define the relationship how they want but this time it’s equal stake the both sex have in the relationship which makes it more fun. You’ll be introduced to her world while she’ll be introduced to yours and you can both marry your likes and eliminate the things that’s not working for both of you. Love everybody especially your spouse and if they don’t deserve your love, don’t lie to yourself, face the reality on time and deal with whatever the aftermath of the decision you’ll make will be.