Glass House; Leaders of Tomorrow

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Fashion EditChildren are the leaders of tomorrow, really they are and not because they’ll grow up to rule a country but because they’ll grow up to make and take decisions, the kind of decisions that’ll matter to them, neglecting the dictates of their parents but following the thought of their heart, and adhering to what they believe in, their heart and not even that of the society, they win for themselves but are influenced through the decisions and rules that has made them, so either good or bad decision they grow up to make, it’s a reflection of their win or their given up.

The heart of a child is tender and innocent but the things that made them most times are bigger than them, especially when they are born into a dysfunctional family, the kind of family that instead of them to be taken care of, they do the taking care, they function in higher standards and their dreams they gradually form, their hopes and fears and their goals in life, which will be the drive that will guide their part in life.

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We are the leaders of our mind, we are the leaders that make decisions for tomorrow, the tomorrow that starts now, for every decision though, the quality of it is usually driven by love or disrespect or neglect even, disappointment, we found hope in the things that made us, some lost that hope to same thing and they grow up to be a little better than the leader that led them, their parents, but the quest to be better can also go a long way to shape every decision but the motive behind it shapes you and how you accomplish those dreams.

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Just like in the movie Glass House, they talk more, they talk all their lives and have big dreams that inspires, they live freely and create a nonchalant lifestyle that sometimes annoys and you wonder why, why they’ve chosen to live that way and neglect the lifestyle that could build the fantasies and dreams of their kids, but the unwanted life that we live motivates us to want to achieve our dreams and passion, our goals.

Life as we know it, our passion and our decisions and determination help us to lead us.