Golden by Felix Crown

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African goddess We’re created like an art, beautiful and golden, we are meant to glow from inside to the out with the aura that radiate for the whole world to see and that’s why we are created in his own image, the reason why we are created golden, like the work of a potter that mould.

Golden is the time we live in, golden is the strength we have, the vibe we possess, golden is the look in our eyes for we are made of gold and that’s why we shine bright in the complexion of our skin, attractive and beautiful, smooth and dark and pretty that the world can’t help but stare at us and wonder how great we are like the chocolate they can’t resist, the chocolate we all love and how golden we look in our skin.Editorial Photos

Posing for the camera is beautiful, light on you is the feel you’ll always love, especially when you’re in the hands of someone that’s got Crown in his name, Felix, he’ll make you want to pose and be captured at the press of the shutter button, his eyes behind the lens only see beautiful things that he’ll share, for the world to see how beautiful humans are, how beautiful we are even from the fictional Wakanda, golden like the theme of this collection of his that depict everything you’ll want to be.

So we are made like the creator, beautiful sexy and smart and we love to take pictures to tell our stories and the truth we know about us and not what they told us as the truth, we are beautiful and sexy and we know it, in all size and complexion and race.

You are golden too just like she is in the photo, just like Felix Crown captured and you don’t need anybody to tell you that, the only person you need to tell you that is you and all you need to do really is to look inward and discover how truly golden you are, for you are a work of art that’s been created by the creator to make the world beautiful and to make it a better place with your charm and beauty and smile and the skill you possess.

Ebony Photography So don’t be scared to shine your light, don’t be shy to expose the golden you, for the beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, the beauty is always in the eye behind the lens, the eye that see pretty, Felix Crown

Photography: @felixcrown

Hairstylist: @ceezysstyling

Model: @thetaragold

Hair/Wig: @hikkyshair

Bikini: @xtrakini