Good Addiction, Bad Addiction. Addiction X Real Life

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Beautiful Addiction Many rehabs, talk of addiction and many campaign talking against it and its ruin, many fight and broken relationships and homes even, to some people it has inspire but some it has break and to many it have chatter lots of hopes and dreams.

The addicted people love it, they see it as fun, like this is life, you don’t matter, your decision is not needed in the matters of their life, you are not needed when you are not needed, it’s only when you are needed that you are needed, that means they don’t care, but really if they use that they don’t care vibe to better life, to live life and have passion and love for what they do, the never giving up vibe and charm, the amount of time they spend for pleasure, the creative drive to source for money when they need a refill, you can’t almost beat them some times.

The addiction don’t just start in one day, it’s a gradual process, you love the feel and you just want to keep getting that feel, that means you are enjoying your body, the body that has house you since eternity.

Letting the Holy Spirit lead you is one thing they’ll tell you in church, which is strange because you tend to wonder why will you want to give somebody you don’t know the decision of everything that concerns you, the fear usually is you don’t know the next moment, the next second especially, not even the next minute, the fear is you don’t know how the highness will make you feel the next second, your fear is you don’t know if you will lose you, but gradually and almost immediately at some point you blend with the flow, but before then you’ll probably be making promises you won’t try it again, if you survive this, but as it wears down you blend and you want it again because along the line you figured it out, so it’s the daring vibe that makes you want more, you won’t more of that feeling.

Now the relationship is, the product lead you, directed you and somehow you did fine, you enjoyed the thrills and soon you let it take over and soon you become it slave for the addicts and good company for those that enjoys it but are not addicted. Letting the Holy Spirit guides you, is you letting it all to him as he tells you the honest truth, the real truth, how to live and the next step to take, he’ll always figure it out with you.

In every human, we’ve all got minds and they talk every time, different things, they don’t stop talking, they are not passerby, they want your attention that’s why they are talking, so it’s for you to either give it to them or neglect them, but if you are giving in, what you guys discus is up to you  guys, so if you let them do all the talking fine. It’s, two cannot walk except if they both agree, birds of same feather flocks together, since they’ll always be there you decide to make friends with them and you guys talk every time. Love your neighbor as yourself, karma, do to them what you’ll want them do to you, they will reciprocate how you treat them, if you guys understand each other and you guys are besties they’ll always be there for you, but the second you change they change, that’s you mind, it will never lead you astray, the truth, it will tell you every time, that’s the Holy Spirit I guess, the addiction, well since this ones can’t lead you astray it’s a good addiction I guess, no slave treatment.

Good Addiction, Bad Addiction.